Hawaiian Nights with The O’Debra Twins

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New Episodes Every First Friday of the month @ 10pm

Talk radio meets paradise. Each month, The O’Debra Twins will take a special guest on a pleasure cruise filled with leis, coconut rum cocktails with tiny umbrellas, and secrets that only a drunken vacationer would spill. Things are gonna get reeeaaaally loose.


Theme song by Andrew Mauriello


by Tanya O’Debra

The Edmonton Fringe Festival

Venue #7 - The Yardbird Suite

11 Tommy Banks Way

Edmonton, AB CANADA

Tickets $13 -

Thu, 8/11 - 10pm

Fri, 8/12 - 6:15pm

Sat, 8/13 - 2:45pm

Mon, 8/15 - 11:59pm

Wed, 8/17 - 8:15pm

Fri, 8/19 - 12:30pm

Sat, 8/20 - 4:30pm

Watch (but mainly listen) as Tanya O’Debra lends her voice to ten characters while simultaneously staging live sounds effects in this filthy, filthy dirty 1940s radio detective spoof. Winner of the San Francisco Fringe. “This is a true gem and a must-see for all Fringe goers." ★★★★★ –Charlebois Post, Montreal

Every Tuesday @ 2pm