August 9th - 23th

The Ultimate Stimulus

By Felipe Ossa

Directed by Sara Wolkowitz

Starring Tanya O’Debra

The NY International Fringe Festival


Venue #5 - The C.O.W.

21A Clinton St.


Saturday,     8/9 at 7:15pm

Wednesday, 8/13 at 2:00pm

Tuesday,      8/19 at 9:45pm

Thursday,     8/21 at 6:00pm

Saturday,      8/23 at 3:00pm

Amanda McCloud is a renegade economist with a plan to fix America's most pressing problem: income inequality. Her solution? Master-concubine arrangements (with a modern twist). Brimming with data, charts, and dramatic life-changing stories, this TED-inspired, multimedia talk proves that the rich aren’t so different when they're forced to get close – real close – to the rest of us.